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9 year old faces weapons charges in Cape (Read 941 times)
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9 year old faces weapons charges in Cape
May 17th, 2008 at 10:27pm
Another of Ron's articles at Cattracks. Unlike Ron, I don't think this is funny, for many reasons...

Hey, depends upon your perspective...

In the girl's defense...

Your honor, this poor, sweet, innocent child knew that her teacher had been feeling under the weather the previous day. Due to her sensitive nature, she was unable to sleep a wink the night before her alleged murderous plot. As an avid reader of CAT Tracks, this fragile creature lived in mortal fear of entering her classroom, only to find a pistol-packin' substitute teacher in the place of her regular teacher. What's a child to do?

Of course, as a teacher rep, I'd better stick to defending my own kind...

Your honor, the incident on April 24th at a Cape Girardeau ELEMENTARY school is proof positive of the justification of my client bringing his pistol into the classroom. In the daily battle of paper-scissors-rock, pistol beats knife every time!

I move for the dismissal of all charges against my client(s)!


From the KFVS TV Channel 12 Web site...

9-Year-Old Faces Charge After Bringing Knife to School

By: Heartland News

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - A nine-year-old girl faces a criminal charge for bringing a knife to school.

Police say the girl brought a kitchen knife to Clippard Elementary School in Cape Girardeau Wednesday.

School officials found out she had the knife in her backpack after other students told them they had seen it on the bus.

Police questioned the little girl as to why she brought the knife to school.

They say at first she said she brought it to cut things, but later admited she was afraid of some other kids at school.

Officers say they do not believe she intended to hurt anyone.

However, she now faces a charge of unlwaful use of a weapon because the knife was hidden in her backpack.

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